Completed Projects

Ohhh, there are actually so many!

The Hunch hat. First real item my husband says I could wear. Currently featured in my Facebook profile!


Aidez cardigan. First real item I’d actually wear (besides hats, scarves and mittens)


Pointy Elf Hat (from the cover of More Last Minute Knitted Gifts!)


Swirl cap with flower applique

Easier Amelia Earhart cap

Amelia Earhart cap in lavendar


Amelia Earhart cap in “sahara”

Sahara up close

Sahara up close

Floppy 1897 cap

1897 hat

All-Day Beret that is actually a 1897 hat

Chunky ice blue cowl

chunky cowl

Chunky cowl in icy blue

Lacey throw in gray


Ryan’s baby bunny

Ryan's bunny

Ryan’s bunny

Baby heirloom blanket

Snugglie Ryan's snugglie blanket

Snugglie Ryan

Upstate throw

Upstate Afghan Throw

Upstate Afghan Throw

Baby Elf Hat

jackson elf hat

Jackson Elf

Chevalier Mittens (or oven mitts)

Chevalier Oven Mitts


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